Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Inside Problem

Fall has definitely fallen here in the PNW. It's started raining this week and won't stop till May. It's getting colder and almost time to break out sheets and blankets.

Cold, foggy morning on our last field ride for the year

It's also time to start riding inside. Last fall/winter when I had McKenna I exclusively rode inside because I didn't trust her outside. When I got Peebs in January we rode inside some, but were outside as much as the weather and footing allowed. This winter I want to ride and jump outside, but I also really, really don't want my new saddle to get wet.  I know it's going to happen at some point, I just want to push it off as long as possible.
Even lunging inside is too much

We've had a couple rides inside over the past few weeks and they've all been terrible. Peebs has been tense, not wanting to give or bend, and was an absolute freight train in the canter. During one ride he even bucked/flailed/leaped when I asked for the canter. It was like he completely forgot how to horse inside. I don't know if it's the small size of the ring he doesn't like, or the footing which is a bit on the hard, compacted side and is getting a new load of sand next week, or what.

Also on the list of things he does not like: getting twitched to clip his bridle path and pull his mane

So yesterday, after I drove in a hail storm on the way to the barn, my expectations for riding inside were low. I figured as long as he wasn't a complete tool I'd be happy. But, we actually had a pretty decent ride. He was willing to soften and bend, had some great transitions, and when I asked him to sit back on his haunches and balance in the canter he did! I don't know what was different about today vs the past inside rides but I'll take it! Now if only we can repeat this all winter....


  1. Fingers crossed you are able to have such wonderful rides all winter :)

  2. Maybe he's like, "well, it didn't work last time so..."