Friday, September 30, 2016


Peebs is a gay male cougar.  Is there a term for that?  He's not a sugar daddy, but something like that. He's always been friendly towards other horses, even when they beat the crap out him in the pasture. But we had a new horse move in at the start of September that he absolutely LOVES.

Rogue is a 3yr old palomino warmblood stallion, and the calmest, quietest 3yr and stallion I've seen.  He rarely makes a peep in his stall, doesn't act his age or studdish when out, and overall seems like an awesome boy.  He and Peebs live on opposite barn aisles, but we have to walk past Rogue's stall to get to the wash rack.  Every time we do this happens:
Can't pull them apart

Rogue got turned out in the indoor arena during my lesson on Tuesday, and the sliding door was open between the outdoor and the indoor.  Rogue came and hung out at the gate and called to Peebs a couple times, the first time I've heard him call during his stay here.  Peebs would slow way down and bulge sideways whenever we passed the gate to indoor and very obviously wanted to go hang out with his boytoy.  Ahh, young love!