Monday, October 31, 2016

As the Poop Turns

Unsurprisingly, all last week centered around Peebs' poop problem.  I didn't see any change from soaking his hay, and after the first day the Bio Sponge didn't seem to help.  I got a bale of low sugar hay from my vet, but again, didn't see much difference.  Peebs was still happy and otherwise normal, so I started to calm down a bit.  I talked with another vet, who has a horse with similar problems to Peebs, and she said that's just the way some horses are. So I put Peebs back on his normal hay, not soaking it, and we'll be switching back to his normal grain.  I did decide to do a round of psyllium, because why not (and it was on sale at the feed store) and I think that's helping a bit.  He still has some runny discharge, but not nearly as much as before.

Have I mentioned he's the best?
In other non-poop related news, we had an awesome lesson last week.  We were stuck inside because it was pouring down rain, but we set up a one stride.  Peebs was pretty point and shoot, at least tracking left, so trainer had me first drop one hand then both hands. Do you know how hard it is to A) have four reins in one hand and then try to pick up your reins again and B) tie knots in two sets of reins? Damn pelham! We went through a few times with no hands and other than trying to fall in going right, he was so good.  It really emphasized how happier he is when I don't touch his mouth and get in his way.

Peebs also got his winter hair cut. He was surprisingly good for it, except around his head but I knew that would be hard.  He was actually one of the easiest clips I've ever done.  Buddy loved being clipped, to the point that when you stopped to let the clippers cool down he would paw and wiggle till you started up again. Peebs just stood like a gentleman the whole time (I wasn't near his head) and was very polite about everything. I do have a couple touch up spots to do by his head, but we'll get to those this week.  If I ever have to clip his head, I'll be getting drugs for that.

Final 2pointober time. Pretty sure my legs were going to fall off


  1. ha i love the hands free jumping!! and congrats on logging such a killer final 2pt time!! also a relief that the vet isn't particularly concerned about Peebs' digestive issues. horses... it's always something!

  2. Peebs looks thrilled about his haircut, LOL

  3. I've reached a similar conclusion with Rio. I do have him on Equiotics and ReLyne because I love to throw my money away (eye roll) but as long as he's eating and happy, I don't stress about the icky poo. Much better than not pooing at least!