Monday, September 12, 2016

It's Here

My saddle finally came Thursday night, after my lesson of course. I was only able to squeeze in a ten minute ride Friday before heading out to a birthday party but I could feel a huge difference. I can sit  down, I can two point and balance, and it seems to put my leg in the perfect place. It felt like I was being hugged by a soft, squishy leather cloud!
Sunday I was able to get in a longer ride. Our flat work felt very nice; I was able to balance myself better which in turn helped Peebs balance himself. We picked up a few fences and even when we got an iffy distance I felt secure. I've never ridden in a saddle with short flaps before and it makes a huge difference. This was seriously the best purchase ever. 
Added bonus: The leathers I got from L match perfectly!
The only downsides are that I had to use a girth two sizes larger, and it wants to slide back a bit. I doubt my 46" County Logic girth will fit again, but I'm hoping that once the billets stretch I can use a 48". The 50" is a little too big but there's no way the 48" fits right now. So we're currently rocking a fleece girth till I can sell the 46" and find a 48".  I've also ordered a hunter breastplate with a standing attachment since my trainer suggested he go in a standing.


  1. Had the same issue when I got my saddle, everything was perfect but the damn short ass billets! All the girths need to be bigger

  2. Sooo pretty! I really need short flaps but don't have the $$$ to order a saddle right now:(

  3. try using a damp chamois cloth (you can find them in the car wash section of walmart or someplace simiar) under your saddle pad, right on the horse's back. It prevents slipping and is cheap and easy to use! You can even wet it with warm water in the winter. Horses love that!