Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Spend 14 Hours at the Barn

So I accidentally spent 14 hours at the barn on Saturday. Oops. I got out early in the morning to ride before the western dressage clinic and had a great ride on Peebs. We continued our work on softness and bending and I threw in a few trot fences at the end, to see how he'd be. We haven't jumped in a while, and usually he gets pretty amped the first time back, but he barley even batted an eye. We ended with a stroll in the field to cool down.

I ended up watching most of the clinic, and snagged a sandwich during the lunch break. Then a couple other boarders and I started moving hay. We had over a ton of last year's shitty, straw like hay that another boarder had bought then left when she moved away. No one really wanted to feed it, but we have new hay coming in this week and had to clear it out fast. So we loaded it up on the flatbed and drove it out to dump in the fields. 

The horses out in the pasture were very happy with the giant moving hay cart and started walking alongside the truck. Then this happened: 
Stop and give us all your foodz
One of the girls had to jump off the truck and heard them away. After we chucked everything out in the pasture we had to rake up loose hay and rearrange pallets and tarps. We finished by cleaning some piles of random shit that's been left by people and picked apples for the ponies. 

The other boarders left at this point and my BO offered me a beer and we sat on the back patio and ordered pizza. Her husband then pulled us into the office where he was trying to set up a projector and sound system to play movies on the wall. It was not going well and I took the opportunity to escape for a bit to make a beer run. When I got back the pizza was there, the movie was playing but we had no sound. Much swearing and punching of buttons later everything worked and we watched The Big Short. When it was over it was 10pm and I wanted to curl up on the couch in the office and go to sleep. But I dragged by butt home and slept like the dead. It was a great day. 


  1. Sounds like 14 hours well spent!! :)

  2. I can pass 14 hours at the barn no sweat. All the time.

    Oh wait I'm a trainer so that does actually make sense. hahahahaha sounds like a good day though!

  3. Damn 14 hours, but it sounds wonderful!