Monday, September 26, 2016

Horses I'd Steal

I'm joining in on the $900 FB Pony's blog hop on horses I'd steal. There's two in the barn is take in a heartbeat.
She's also the best a trail riding.  I've had horses spook, spin and crash into us and mare don't care.
First is my BO's mare Tia. Holsteiner/TB cross, 17 hands and 18yrs old but one of the funniest horses in the barn, she's now semiretired. But she's still that awesome push button Hunter and I've been know to pull her out every couple months for funsies. What's not to love about a awesome rocking horse canter, auto lead changes, and a horse that will jump anything no matter how badly you screw up the distance?!?

The other horse is Yorke, an Oldenburg stallion. He's shown at 4th level dressage, and schooled higher. He was in the barn a few years ago and just moved back a couple weeks ago. He's the quietest stud ever. I've seen his owner ride him bareback with just a halter and lead rope with other horses and he never batted an eye. I think it would be a blast to ride him just to play around with all his buttons. 
Skeptical of paparazzi

My not so secret plan is to breed Tia and Yorke. He's a bit smaller and more refined than Tia, which I like. They both have amazing temperaments, are super quiet, and beautiful movers. And, more than likely, I'd get a dark baby with minimal white. The only problem? Tia's 18 and we were told that she's had fertility issues. If I had the $$$ I'd do embryo transfer, if the vet though it was possible. Alas, I have yet to find my money tree so my theoretical baby will have to stay a dream.