Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Team NW Bedrock Show Day Two

Sunday dawned cold and cloudy.  It felt like the temperature had dropped 10-15 degrees from the day before and I was slightly worried that Peebs would be feeling the affects.  But again, I didn't need to worry.  I fed breakfast and unwrapped and groomed while he ate.  We then went for a walk down the rings to see the order of go and figure out approximately when I would ride.  Not only was Peebs super lazy just hand walking to the ring, he kept trying to stop and eat stall decorations and the grass along the edge of the walkway.  
Master of the baby fences
Warm up wasn't great.  It started sprinkling and the wind picked up just when I got on and Peebs wasn't happy with his head getting wet.  There was some major head shaking going on, but princess pony finally got over it. By the time we started jumping it stopped.  Trainer really had me focus on getting him straight to fence and not letting his hind end drift sideways.  The warm up fences were set in the middle of a big open ring so we had no rail to help guide us.  It's the first time I've ridden or jumped him in such a ring and it really showed off our weaknesses.  After three or four times of me asking Peebs to move off my right leg, he started getting pissed and decided to canter and launch at the fence.  I stopped him hard and tried again, but we were both mad at each other.  Trainer yelled to take a walk and calm down.  After a lap she had me come back to fence, off the left (our good side) and Peebs trotted it like no big deal.  And we were straight!! 

We had two rounds over fences and it was the same course for each round.  Our first round was very nice, he trotted the first fence but jumped everything after that.  Coming into the first outside line, he felt a bit bold to me but I contained him down the line.  Trainer said it was the correct pace, not the little baby pace and I stride that I like.  Guess I have to get more comfortable with the open stirde! The second round wasn't quite a good, we had a bit of a drunken sailor moment off the first fence on the quarter line when he landed on the wrong lead and wanted to fall in.  Our flat was an eq class and my whole focus was keeping my hands up and quiet and shoulders back.  We nabbed a third and fourth over fences, and a fourth on the flat. Good pony Peebers!!

Much photogenic. Very thrilled.
It started raining again as we ended the flat class, but by the time we got back to the barn and untacked it stopped.  Between the rain, sweat, wind, and an ice fill show shirt I was freezing.  I ended up wearing jeans over my breeches and a sweatshirt and vest over my show shirt once we were done.  My friend BS came up to watch and we got burritos and watched the jumper ring for a bit.  After about an hour we were both cold enough to call it quits and she helped me pack everything up before she left.  I closed out at the show office and loaded Peebs up and headed home.


  1. Wow, congrats on a very successful show!

  2. Two good days in a row! Sounds like you had a few bumps in the road, but were able to smooth them right out. Success!

  3. Glad the class rounds went better than the warm up! :)