Tuesday, July 19, 2016

After the Show

Peebs got last week off after our show.  He's living outside 24/7 in a big paddock so he can at least move around.  I was planning on doing some light rides with him but between work, getting ready for my parents to visit, and some major horseshow hangover I didn't.  I was gone all weekend with my parents and cousins but I managed to lunge Peebs Sunday night.

And of course he was NQR.  He was crossfiring and wouldn't pick up the correct lead behind tracking right.  I had to force him into it and while he didn't look *lame* he was for sure NQR.  He's never had an issue crossfiring before.  I've called the chiro to see if she can come out this week because I'm going on vacation this weekend and won't be back till next Wednesday.  Looks like the Peebs gets an extended vacation.  At least he waited till after the show to be lame!


  1. Crossing fingers & toes that he's feeling tip top after his adjustment.

  2. Glad he was NQR after the show and you are now less busy to deal with it, hope he's feeling better soon!