Thursday, July 14, 2016

Overheard at the Show

One of my favorite part of horse shows is watching and listening to other riders and trainers.  I almost like watching the warm up rings more than the actual show ring.  These are a few of my favorite heard/observed/random things from last weeks show.

Saturday morning as I got ready to warm up I dropped off my add slip to the back gate girl for my trot a pole class.  Once we warmed up my trainer and I went up to the gate to put me into the order.  The back gate girl goes "This is a little weird, but I follow you on Instagram and am excited to see Peebs in real life!" She runs the Insta accounts for the show management and her barn, both of which I follow.  She followed me back on both accounts. She did say Peebs is just as cute IRL as online.

While watching the Big Eq classes one of the local BNT was very vocal with some of her clients.  As one was having trouble in the flat for the Maclay, she goes "He's awful for the flat, we know this.  Don't worry, we'll get you a better horse next time and get rid of him."  I've never been very impressed with that trainer/barn and that just cemented my opinion.

We saw a few stops when watching the jumpers on Sunday, especially at a wide oxer with a liverpool.  As one girl came out her trainer gave these words of advice: "When I said get your eye on it I didn't mean stare it down and forget to ride.  Get your eye up and on it, get her eye on it, sit down and ride her forward!" And what do you know, they nailed that fence in their next round!

My favorite overheard moment was in the barns as I was wrapping Peebs.  A junior was complaining to her trainer about how cold it was (57* with wind and sprinkles)
  • Junior: It's so freaking cold
  • Trainer: Well, you should have worn your winter coat, not just a sweatshirt
  • J: It's July!!
  • T: It's Oregon! But don't worry, when we're showing in Bend in two weeks it'll be 105.


  1. Hahahaha, love it!
    What's your insta handle? I wanna follow you guys ☺
    I'm @lyssatra

    1. I'm mollybasney! Can't wait to follow you.

    2. Thanks for finding me, afraid my account (much like my blog) has become sedate of late. On the other hand it must be good that things are quiet right? ;-)