Sunday, May 15, 2016

They Both Have an X

So the County I bought on trial came Friday and I skipped out of work early to run to FedEx and pick it up. I opened the box in my truck in the parking lot and found this:
Extra narrow when it was supposed to have been an extra wide. Cue massive letdown. I immediately emailed the tack shop I got it from saying it's the wrong size and I wanted my full refund. I never even took the saddle cover all the way off let alone tried it on Peebs.

The lady got back to me all apologetic and assured me once they got the saddle back I'd get my money back so I dropped it off Saturday. And I only cried a little bit Friday night about it. 

The Voltaire rep comes this week and the County rep finally got back to me and is coming the week after so hopefully something will work!!  At this point I'm almost ready to stick with the Dover Circuit I'm using even though I don't like it.


  1. Only a little bit of a difference! ;)

  2. Oh nooo! saddle shopping is the worst, hope you find something that works soon!

  3. Saddle shopping sucks! I had the same thing happen, too - it's heartbreaking. Raced to UPS, open the box, and wrong saddle :(

  4. UGH! You would think they would double check these things!