Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fourteen Weeks

I'm going I have to wait fourteen long weeks for this:

The County rep came out today and while I wasn't initially impressed with her customer service over email, I really liked her in person. She had a bunch of options for us to try, and even put me in her own saddle which is the one that worked best for us. 

This is going to sound a little odd, but she wasn't what I pictured at all. I guess I had this image of a saddle fitter for a high dollar brand as being snooty, wearing big name expensive clothes, perfectly done hunter hair in a helmet, custom boots.....basically someone that would fit in a BNT's barn. But what I got was a woman with half her head shaved and the other half died pink, gauges in her ears, wearing torn jeans and Converse. It made me feel much more at ease and relaxed around her. The first saddle fitter was way on the woo-woo, natural, spiritual, organic, vegan, homeopathic (insert other mystical out there words here) side, which to be fair, this IS Oregon and that's common. I never felt comfortable with her or really trusted what she said. 

And from what the County rep said, I shouldn't have trusted the first fitter. Peebs was between a medium and a medium wide in the Counties we tried, not a wide to extra wide like I was first told. Granted County runs wide, but that's a pretty big difference. Buddy was an XW and Peebs doesn't feel as wide as he was so it never felt right to me that he was as wide as Bud. 

Fourteen weeks is going to be a long time. Hurry up first week of September!!! 


  1. oooooh it's pretty!! i hope the time flies by! and yea saddle fitting and fitters... i got very different answers from the two i used and it definitely didn't give me warm fuzzy feelings!

  2. I think that's the general time frame when ordering customer saddles. Ugh. Who wants to wait THAT LONG! Hope the time flies for you!

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    1. Just wanted to add I happened to ride in the same model this weekend and LOVED it. Enjoy!

  4. Yay!! I am friends with the County rep in Ontario, and she really turned me onto the brand. I think they've done a good job picking reps that can go anywhere and talk to different kinds of equestrians, not just folks with BNTs