Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Coworker complaints

Since I've ridden all of twice since our show and was out of town, I don't have a lot of exciting news on the Peebs.  He did get his spring shots and my vet and I talked about his watery poop and basically I can try the BioSponge but there's not much else.  Vet said he sees this often, and unless Peebs is actually colicky or has legit diarrhea we'll just have to live with it, and lots of butt and hind leg washing. Poor pony!

So I've decided to join in on Redhedlins' blog hop!  So what complaints would I turn into HR for Peebs?
  • He's lazy and tend to get cranky when you crack the whip (or smack him with it, either way).  He also doesn't appreciate having to go back to work after a vacation.
  • He has questionable personal hygiene.  Always covered in something sticky or crusty, smells like poop and urine.  It's like he just rolled out of bed every day. And we have to play "What's that stain" on his white articles of clothing almost daily. Is that blood, urine, or who knows what?
  • His socks never match! Three white and one brown.  What is this insanity?!?

Don't listen to them, I'm perfect!!


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