Friday, May 13, 2016

Oh Hell No

I've discovered a few things Peebs isn't fond of over the past couple weeks.

1) Fly Spray
Otherwise known as death spray. I don't know if it's the sound it makes, or the smell, or spray bottles that freak him out but Peebs hates getting sprayed.  As in he backs up in the cross ties, runs sideways, and tries to turn around and exit stage left when not tied.  The whites of his eyes show and he snorts at it. 
Death sprayyyyyyyyyyy

2) Mud 
I've been hand grazing him almost daily in prep for turning him out for the summer and to get to the field, we have to cross a small muddy ditch. It's maybe two feet wide by six inches deep, more of a depression than anything else. But it takes a lot of convincing to get Peebs over it and when he's forced to step on it he gives you some serious mare glare. Because while he loves to roll in his manure and urine and get crusty and filthy in his stall, God forbid his delicate little hooves get some mud on them. 
Nope, I'm good right here

3) Western Saddles
Being half QH I would have expected Peebs to be ok with a western saddle, but apparently he's not one of THOSE QHs. He is a hunter, thank you very much! He does pretty much the same thing when you bring out a western saddle as when you try to fly spray him. I did get the saddle on and rode but bubba was not pleased. His ears were back almost the whole time, he didn't soften or give to my hand, and I could tell he was close to flipping me the bird. I want to be able to trail ride in the western saddle this summer so he's going to have to get over it. I am going to try a different saddle of my BOs that has a shorter, round skirt and no flank straps to see if that helps. 
This is his not happy face


  1. Poor Peebs. He's been sheltered!

  2. Bridget does the same thing with fly spray. Other sprays are fine, so weird. You guys look so great in the western pic (sad Peeb ears aside;)

  3. hahaha I love his face in that last picture! He's much to good for that western nonsense!

  4. lol what a goof!!! my mare gives the evil glare to pretty much any bottle that comes near her haha. and mud is absolutely unacceptable (except when galloping xc, of course - but it's certainly not civilized to walk through it ever)

  5. Ramone is also none too fond of being sprayed with stuff lol

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