Sunday, December 13, 2015

Finger and Toes

My friend's client came to try McKenna yesterday. I had had a short and sweet lesson in the morning but we figured the mare would have plenty of energy to go twice. My friend BS got on her first, to show McKenna off and so I could see her ride her. She's ridden the mare a couple of times when I was on vacation and it's always nice to see it.

Unfortunately the mare was a bit of a twit and was getting upset with BS. I think part of it was "You're not mom!" and part of it was that BS was getting after her about things I don't. But McKenna has to learn how to handle other riders. The client, a 16yr old girl who is currently eventing novice/moving up to training, wasn't discouraged at all and eagerly climed up.  She was a very soft rider and McKenna seemed to like her. The mare was a bit jazzed and took off a couple times but the girl handled it really well. Apparently her mare is a huge bucker and she's got the ultimate sticky seat. 

I was slightly pissed at the antics the mare pulled but as I was untacking her the girls mom started talking to about scheduling a pre purchase exam. I guess the girl likes fiesty horses and already loved McKenna. So they'll call their vet tomorrow and hopefully we can schedule the PPE this week. I'm currently crossing all fingers and toes and praying to the gods of PPE!!