Thursday, January 16, 2014

The $100,000 Question

What would I spend my $100,000 on?  Most of it would go pretty fast.  Right now what I would love to get the most is a new truck and trailer.  For whatever reason, knowing that I can hook up the trailer and take my horses anywhere at a moments notice has been a relief.  I don't know if its because I hate asking people for help, or that I was dependant on others to haul for me for years.  Probably a bit of both. 

Truck:  I'd get a new Dodge one ton diesel dually.  I absolutely love my barn owner's, and I know if I need it they will let me use it, but having a big rig of my own is my dream.  $55,000

I would prefer it in a different color. White/grey is so boring!
Trailer: I'd keep my 2 horse, for local hauls or if I'm only taking one horse somewhere.  But for going to shows I'd want a GN 4 horse.  The GNs are so much safer than the BPs (from an auto accident perspective) and after hauling the 4 horse this summer I liked how it handled better than I thought I would.  $25,000

Saddles: I'd get custom saddles for each of the ponies.  It's not practical to get a 19yr old semi-retired horse a custom saddle, but damn it Phoenix deserves it!  I'm leaning towards County, as I rode in one a few years ago and loved it!  I've never ridden in a CWD so I'd like to try them out, and the Antares I've ridden in I didn't like.  Granted it was made for someone 6in taller than me and 10yrs old at that point so I'd do another test ride first before making up my mind. $5,000/horse for $15,000 total.

Clothes: Complete show clothes make over!  Custom boots, new helmets (one hunter ring approved and one fancier for the jumpers), shadbelly, white breeches, new shirts, new coats.....the works! $5,000.