Wednesday, January 22, 2014

High Maintence

In true OTTB fashion Miss McKenna is hard to put weight on. Part of her problem is that she's not very interested in her food. She's a slow eater, and gets distracted easily and then will forget about her hay. She's better about not forgetting her grain but still eats it ridiculously slowly.  She had her teeth done almost a year ago, so maybe she's due again.
Gain weight now!!

I've started giving McKenna her hay in hay nets. We feed on the ground, and she'd pee and poop on her hay when she wasn't paying attention and ended up wasting about half of her hay. We have some metal wall feeders to install but my BO's are on vacation and I don't feel qualified to try and hang one by myself.  I just used the nets I have for the trailer and make sure to have her morning one filled so the AM feeder just has to swap out the nets. It is a pain in the butt to remember and set them up every night, but she is eating all of her hay now.

She did rip a huge hole in the side of this one...probably going to need to get a new hay net.

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