Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Goals

Our goals for 2013 were as follows:

Keep showing at 2'6", preferably in the jumpers and eq, and hopefully move up to the 2'9".
  • Partial success.  We did the 2'6" all year, in the jumpers and eq but didn't make the move to 2'9".  We schooled 2'9" (and I jumped Tia 3'3"), but we haven't done that for a few months.  I also found out that even though we only did 2 shows in the jumpers, we ended up 8th place for the year in the OHJA .75m beginning jumper regional division against horses that competed at both schooling and A shows.  Unfortunately OHJA only gives year end ribbons to 6th...grrr!
Long shot, but qualify for Medal Finals
  • I was hoping to qualify for the OHJA Mini Medal finals, but we only got 8 out the needed 10 points.  But we did qualify and compete at the Lake Oswego Hunt Nancy Wild Medal Finals!!  And even with a major rider brain fart we came home with a 4th on the flat and a 6th over fences.
Show 1st level dressage again and redeem ourselves
  • Total fail
Go XC schooling, to the beach, or ranch sorting at least a few times.
  • Feb 1: Ranch sorting
    May 10: Mini XC school at Inavale
    July 21: Trail and river ride in the mountains
    July 27: Cutting horse clinic
  • Win!
I'm having some trouble with our 2014 Goals, so stay tuned.  I'm thinking of doing half yearly goals....