Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blog Hop: Show Me Your Barn

I've been at my barn for 7yrs now, and I can't imagine being anywhere else! 

View of the Barn:

I don't have a pic of the front part of the barn.  We have three parts of the barn, the old barn (original barn on the property built 40+ years ago and added onto), the upper aisle (3 10x20 stalls, 6 10x12 stalls, tack room, wash rack, hay and grain storage) and the lower aisle ( 10 10x14 stalls, groom stall, two tack rooms, grain storage, leather shop, and apartment).  The indoor arena separates the upper and lower aisle, with the old barn being off the west side of the indoor.  The outdoor arena is on the east side of the barn.
Looking towards the barn from the fields.  The lower aisle is closest to us, and the old barn is the shorter part on the left.

The lower aisle was added to the barn in 2010.  This was mid construction. Sliding door opens into the indoor.

 Horses Living Space:

My ponies live in the lower aisle now, but before 2010 Phoenix lived on the upper aisle. All the lower aisle stalls have custom made v-shaped gates, except for Buddy. His gate rusted off the hinge and had to be replaced with a regular gate. All the horses have boxes in front of their stall provide by my BOs. I usually keep grooming supplies, treats, and wraps in mine.

Buddy and Phoenix are next to each other, McKenna is a few stalls down.

In the summer all of the horses get turned out 24/7 on pasture.  Most are out in groups of 2-3, but we have a couple larger fields that can have 4-5. 

View of the Tack Room:

The lower aisle tack room.  Mostly the English riders.  The second tack room on the lower side is for the BOs and the upper aisle tack room is for the western riders. My western saddle does live in the lower tack room. My trunk is the big wooded one in the corner.


View of Where We Ride:
The outdoor from the parking lot

McKenna in the indoor, looking towards the upper aisle

Summer grass field!
My Favorite Features:
Being able to gallop up the hill on the grass!

The fact that the ponies can be ponies and live outside in groups for at least part of the year. 
I do think my favorite thing about the barn is my barn owners.  They are family to me, and without them I wouldn't have Buddy or McKenna or be able to afford three horses.