Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer is here!

It's finally stopped raining every other day, and Rick and Connie were able to get the last repairs done on the pasture fencing, so ponies are going out 24/7 now!  Buddy and Zoe seem to be in love, and are currently pasture mates.  Phoenix is going out with another gelding, but since Phoenix can be Houdini-like he's coming in to one of the all weather paddocks at night. Right now, there's enough grass so the ponies doesn't get fed hay (Phoenix does get a couple flakes at night) and for the moment, Buddy and Zoe have had their grain cut back to just enough to mix in their joint supplements. 

I jumped Bud tonight; just set up a couple fence and kept it simple.  I had one of the other girls video and was able to get a couple cute still shots from it.  Unfortunately we had a couple issues, as seen in the video, but I know what we did wrong and how to fix it.

We were a little behind the pace to the first fence, and I felt like I had to hold him to the short spot while keeping my leg on.  The second fence....oops.  I was thinking right leg, right leg, right leg and about two strides away remembered to pick up my left rein.  At least we still made it over!  The oxer was pretty nice.  We were a little short to it, but it felt good.

I'm going out of town till Monday, so both Bud and Zoe will just hang out in the pasture till then.  It's perfect timing!

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