Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good ponies

Both Buddy and Zoe made up for naughty behavior!

I rode Zoe on Tuesday, and she was a little full of herself during our flat work. Every time I tried to do a downward transition, she would bring her head up and shake it. I have her in a plain loose ring snaffle, but might try her in a French link. Since I had a motivated pony, we jumped a bit. We warmed up over a couple x-rails then moved to a line. It was an x with flower boxes to a vertical. She looked at the flowers the first time thru but after that she didn't care. After a few times thru I made the vertical into an oxer (her first!). She did great! She had a nice round jump over it and it was very fun to ride.

I jumped Bud last night and he was great. He was a little on the lazy side warming up. I worked thru a course Jen had some of the other girls do and it went better than I thought! There were some tight rollbacks, a Swedish oxer, and a bending line. Surprisingly the bending line gave us the most trouble. After about 4 times thru it occurred to me to sit down and send him forward. Success! Suddenly our icky 5.5 stride line became a nice 5.

As we were cooling down it occurred to me that I'm comfortable jumping 2'6" on my own, and doing scary fences (the Swedish oxer) and lines. I am so thankful for Buddy and the confidence he's given me!

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