Saturday, June 23, 2012

Catching Up

I got back from San Diego on Monday, and stopped by the barn to check on the ponies on my way home.  I could tell that Buddy had gained weight from 6 days on pasture 24/7.  Some one's getting his grain cut!

My barn owners had mowed the field Tuesday morning, so I took Buddy out after I got off work.  Not the smartest idea, considering he hadn't been ridden in 6 days.  I did put the German martingale on, with his stronger bit, but after about 10 minutes of fast, rushy, high-headed trot I decided to go back to the sand arena.  He relaxed, but was still plenty forward.  We didn't really work on anything in particular, just tried to find a more relaxed, steady rhythm.

Wednesday I pulled Zoe out and set a couple fences for her. She too had enjoyed her week off, and every time we passed the doors to the barn (the outdoor is directly off the barn) she'd pop her shoulder and not want to go forward.  I really sat deep and drove her forward, and after a couple laps around the ring with a nice forward canter she quit protesting.  Jumping, she was better and we did another little oxer.

Buddy and Zoe in the pasture
Thursday I got on Bud again, and worked of the same fences I had set for Zoe.  I put them up, to 2'6", and made the oxer 2'9".  He was great!  His jump tends to be a bit flat, but over these bigger fence he's starting to sit back on his hind end more and has a much better arc over the fence.  It's easier to ride, I feel like I don't have to do as much over fence and can let his motion put me into position. 

Unfortunately it started raining again yesterday, and as the ponies were outside, they were too wet to ride.  I brought them and Phoenix in for the night and did quick rides with Bud and Zoe today.  Zoe's in heat, and was pretty cranky so we kept it light and worked on transitions.  Silly mares!

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