Thursday, March 15, 2012

Show Prep

Our prep for the show on Saturday  has been sadly lacking.  I've been sick this week, a nasty cold that has left me with a hacking cough and no voice.  I did ride on Monday in the German martingale again, but it wasn't a great ride.  We had very strong winds, up to 50mph, on Monday and that's the one thing that sets Buddy off.  He hates the wind.  He was fighting me the whole time, but we did work on the shoulder in and canter transitions from Saturday.  We had a couple decent transitions, and since I wasn't feeling 100% we did a short ride.  I lunged in side reins on Tuesday, and he was a lot quieter. We'll ride today and do a touch up clip and mane pull.  Tomorrow he'll get a bath and I'll finish cleaning tack.

I rode Phoenix for the second time yesterday.  He feels stiff, but eager.  Connie watched both of our rides, and said that he from last week to yesterday he already looked better.  I started him on the BL pellets and have been giving him a gram of bute a day. We'll keep taking it slow, with a couple rides a week till he starts building some muscles and the BL pellets kick in.

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