Saturday, March 3, 2012

Same old, same old

Not much new to report.  Nik's ridden Buddy twice in the past week, and moved back to the English saddle.  Last Sunday she and my barn owner's 9yr old granddaughter, Anna, had a lesson together.  Anna's been taking lessons for a little over a year, so she's a bit more advanced than Nik but the two of them did great together. Nik's been able to get Bud to trot by herself now, and is doing a much better job of steering.

There's a ABRA (Buckskin) show in town this weekend and last night a couple of us from the barn went to watch.  They have Buckskin and Open classes in reining, working cow, English pleasure, and western.  Last night was reining and working cow.  Every time I watch, I want to do reining!  Buddy knows how to do everything they ask.  Today I borrowed Connie's saddle again and we attempted to do the pattern at home.  Our spins need work, and he won't slide because A) he's lazy, and B)I'm not putting sliders on him.  I'm getting more comfortable riding one handed, but I had to two hand him to ask for the lead changes.  But on the plus side, he gave me both of them pretty nicely!

Isn't he cute?!

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