Friday, March 16, 2012

No Go

When I went out to the barn today, the first thing I noticed was Buddy's left eye.  It was huge, swollen shut, and had discharge coming out.  I immediately called our vet, Ben, and took Bud up to to the wash rack to try and flush his eye.  He wasn't to pleased about it, and I wasn't able to see much.  As I'm cleaning his eye, Rick (Connie's husband) walked by and asked what was wrong.  I told him, and apparently this has happened to Bud before.  He had gotten a piece of hay stuck under his eyelid and scratched his eye.  I was praying that wasn't what happened this time...
Poor pony

When Ben made it out he tried to look into and flush the eye.  Buddy was having none of it, so Ben had to sedate him.  He had a piece of hay embedded in his eyelid.  Ben had to pull it out and flushed the eye really well.  He stained the eye and unfortunately the hay rubbed and caused an ulcer on the eye.  Exercise and high blood pressure can make ulcers worse, so no work for Bud for a few days...which means no show tomorrow.  I have ointment to put in it twice a day and Ben will be back out Tuesday or Wednesday to recheck it. 

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