Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Phoenix is home!

And settled in very well.  I was a little nervous about loading him at Jen's....he can be a little difficult to load by himself and seeing as he would be leaving his only buddy Sun out there I was prepared for a battle.  But he surprised me by jumping right in the trailer.  He was a wound up unloading at the barn, but I walked him around the indoor for a minute and he settled right in.  I gave him a big pile of hay and he was nice and cozy for the night.

Today our farrier was out and both Phoenix and Buddy got trimmed.  I only put fronts on Buddy in the summer since he get a little foot sore when we jump out on the grass.  The next time they're due he'll get his.  For now, we are going to leave Phoenix barefoot and see how he does.  I figured that his feet will go thru a big change going from the wet, muddy pasture to a dry stall and I don't want shoes on during it.  Depending on how he does, we'll either leave him barefoot or put shoes on.

While Steve was doing Phoenix's left hind he tore a bit of the frog.  It spurted blood and we had to wash it with Betadine and we ended up putting a rolled cotton/vet wrap bandage on it.  Steve said it should be fine, but to wash it again tomorrow and probably rewrap it.
Buddy in the crossties with Phoenix's blood.  Do you know how hard it is to get blood off of mats?

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