Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Mr. Tender Toes

 While not as bad as he was, Peebs is still slightly NQR in both front feet. We've had some odd spring weather, with it getting hot and dry, then rain and some hail, then really dry, then a day of rain, then dry again. I think his feet are protesting the changing conditions. 

Oh hey look, the pics from Cinder schooling XC

His left front does have a little thrush going on, and I treated all four just to be sure. And to cover my bases I scheduled a lameness exam for him on the 15th. Friend A was having the vet out for Scottie, so I'm piggybacking on her appointment. 

"Thanks, I hate it."-Cinder, most definitely

Peebs gets his feet done next week, and I'll see what the farrier thinks as well. I'm hoping it's just the thrush and a little tenderness from the wet/dry cycles. I did scratch from our show in  a week and a half because even if he's sound tomorrow, I haven't really ridden in two weeks and we won't be ready. There's always more shows.


  1. Man, this year has been tough on their feet in the PNW! My mare was intermittently NQR in the fronts as well back in March for a good 3-4 weeks and my farrier ended up just putting leather pads on the front and that took care of it. He said the wet/dry cycle of the weather this year was wreaking havoc on tons of horses' feet. Fingers crossed its an easy fix and Peebs is back to normal soon!

  2. Poor Peebs! I'm sure all that hard dry ground is tough on his tootsies. Hopefully the farrier can get him more comfortable!

  3. Ugh, poor peebs. Hope he feels better soon!