Monday, June 28, 2021

Catch Up Part 1: Peebs

 Hoo boy has the last week been a doozy and the next two aren’t looking any better. I don’t want to keep you in suspense, so our first update will be about Peebs’ suspensory. Sorry not sorry for that. Good new, there’s no sign of any tears or lesions, just inflammation at the top of the ligament. 

It’s been the hottest it’s ever been in the PNW this weekend so time to breakout the fans

Our plan of attack is still pretty conservative, just to make sure the inflammation doesn’t turn into something worse. We’re starting with 10 minutes of hand walking a day for two weeks, then adding 5mins per week till we get to 40. Then we’ll re-ultrasound. Peebs is also getting three shockwave treatments, and had his first on Thursday. 

My vet was out sick when we did the ultrasound, but his newly hired associate did it and I really like her. She also did Peebs’ first shockwave treatment and did a quick re-ultrasound because she said she had woken up at 3am thinking about him and wanted to double check that she didn’t miss anything. It made me feel really good to know that she’s as through and invested in my pony as my regular vet is. 


  1. Your vet's assistant sounds wonderful, fingers crossed that Peebs starts feeling good as new soon!

  2. That is good news! Still a bummer that there's an issue at all, but yay for it being mild! With the weather there, it's good timing at least since who wants to ride in 100 degrees?