Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Reflections: June 2020 Quarantine

The month of June at TCF. Scottie lost a shoe twice, lost his fly mask, Peebs lost a shoe and Cinder lost her fly mask. But we're on day 10 and everything's been staying on!

Loving: That plans are coming together and things are starting to move forward.
Smelling: Nothing. My allergies have been awful.
Learning: History, especially what wasn't in our textbooks as kids.
Writing: Sadly, not much.
Reading: Blue on Blue by Dal Maclean
Watching: Queer Eye Season 5.
Craving: Berries. It's on the cusp of berry season up here and I AM READY
Obsessing: Over sending Cinder out to training. My baby's growing up!
Needing: Can't really thing of anything I NEED right now
Wanting: To buy Cinder's dad who is for sale. I can't afford another horse, I can't afford another horse...
Trying:  To stay awake.  I'm trying to reduce how much coffee I'm drinking.
Drinking:  Water, tea, and lemonade
Feeling: Cautiously optimistic for the future
Hoping: That momentum for BLM continues and we can have some real change
Listening: The audio book of The Lightning Struck Heart by TJ Klune
Clicking: Blogs to read


  1. Oh I am so excited for Cinder's baby adventure!

  2. Can't wait to hear about Cinder's adventures going forward. They grow up so fast! And that photo is hilarious.