Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Happy Birthday Peebs

Peebs' 13th birthday was Sunday. We celebrated by sharing a bag of Sour Patch Kids (his favorite treat) and having our second ride since the fence incident.

On the 29th Peebs had his stitches taken out and was cleared for turnout. Vet still wanted me to wrap him with a standing wrap, 12hrs on/12hrs off to wean the leg off of being wrapped. He also said to wait a week to ride and to slowly bring him back up to full work. Knock on wood he's sound and did no soft tissue damage, so we're not taking it as slowly as if we were rehabbing a tendon, but we've only trotted two laps around the arena so far. And as of Saturday he was wrap free! He was a little stocked up Sunday, but it went away during our ride and hasn't returned.

He was less happy about going back to work than I was

It's been raining off and on for the past few days and is supposed to continue all week. I was going to ride last night but it poured right before I got to the barn and Peebs was soaked. Hopefully I can ride tonight and continue our rehab!