Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thirsty Thursday: My Horse is a Ho

Since Cinder turned 3 last week she's started to blossom into a woman. She's in flaming heat right now, and it's the most intense heat she's had. The couple of little heats she had last summer and earlier this year weren't bad and I figured I'd maybe lucked out in a less mareish mare.

I don't know why, but this pic of her and Blue cracks me up. The 23yr old paint vs the 3yr warmblood

But nope. Overnight she's turned into a friendship destroying ho. She's turned out with two geldings right now, and yesterday I watched them fight over her while she stood around and peed.

Blue trying to bite her while she tries to pee on him

Blue was ultimately the winner. He is herd boss (when Peebs isn't around, then the two of them vie for that spot) and Scottie is a wimp who gives up pretty easily. Scottie and Cin are usually BFFs so I think Scottie was more upset that Cinder was spending time with Blue more than anything else.

Cinder: Come and get it boys

To top it all off, A offered to let me ride Scottie last night and when I pulled him out of the pasture instead of Cinder she pinned her ears and gave me the mare glare of death. And when I started riding she was galloping back and forth along the fence having a meltdown. She never does that when A takes Scottie out to ride. She did get over herself and when I brought her in for dinner she only glared a me a little.

It might not be chestnut ears but it was great to see this view again!


  1. Oh man! This is why I prefer geldings! Lol. Glad you got to ride Scottie!

  2. Oh boy! Girl'tude full force! lol