Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Tuesday Night Light

A few weeks ago a light got installed at one end of the arena. Because of how the property is set up, they were only able to trench and run wire to the end closest to the barn so that's where the light is. In order to run wire to the other end of the arena, a trench would have to go down the center line. Both A and I agreed it wasn't worth destroying the arena base and footing.  Thankfully the light they got is super bright and a second one really isn't needed.

I hadn't ridden under the light until our lesson last night, but I have lunged Peebs with it. In true Peebs fashion, he didn't care about it at all and didn't give any shits about the shadows or the dark end.  He did have a ton of energy and bolted after trotting our second cross rail. My trainer said she could see it coming and once I got him stopped she told me to get off so we could lunge him. I halfheartedly thought about riding through it, but decided I like living and having unbroken limbs, so I agreed. I hopped off and tied up my reins and stirrups and let him rip. My trainer shook the lunge whip at Peebs once and he spent the next five minutes trying out for the Kentucky Derby.

Much saner Peebers
Once he got his brain reinstalled, he was much more his usual self. We trotted two single cross rails on the diagonals before doing a bending line between the two of them. I had told my trainer I set them with the intent of doing the bending line and that I wanted to more of a boomerang shape to continue working on getting him off my inside leg and not letting him fall to the inside. There was a much more direct, straight line between the two fences, but I was going for more of an equitation line rather than a jump off line.

We ended up going both directions on the line and Peebs was perfect, it a little lazy. I was able to keep him out and only kinda sorta let him fall in once. Hopefully he got all his crazies out last night and we can continue to school this line later in the week.


  1. Man I wish most places just had 1 good light instead of no lights. YAY Light!

  2. Yay for lights! And that's a great exercise. We do a lot of that at the boarding barn. Eros and I though are still working on the bending part... he's more of a hunter torpedo...

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