Tuesday, February 11, 2020


I haven't been doing much with Cinder this winter. First, while Peebs was at GS I didn't have time/energy/daylight to get to both barns everyday and mess with Cinder. She was still getting handled daily and turned out, so I wasn't too worried. I'd pull her out 2-3 times a week and groom and do some ground work. Then her feet got shitty and she went through a growth spurt where her back resembled that of a dachshund, her neck was like a giraffe, and she skinny and gangly AF. I took her blanket off as little as possible during that time. No one needs to see that.

That looks a bit better

Peebs got his stifles injected on Friday so he had the weekend off. That meant it was time for Cinder to go back to "work". I pulled her out Saturday and we did a little groundwork/lunging in the arena before I let her loose to play. She was very concerned about the puddles and showed off her princess status by refusing to set a hoof in them.

She didn't see this one till the last minute and had to scramble to avoid it. 

Yesterday I tacked her up for the first time in a few months. She was totally fine with it and we did maybe about 5 mins of lunging before she decided she was done. Cin's not one to roll in the arena, she normally only prefers to roll in her stall and shavings, but for the first time ever she tried to go down with my saddle on her. She got her front legs folded and on the ground before I could get her up. She got called very bad names and poked with the end of the lunge whip.

She has no shame
I've started talking with the trainer I hope to send her to and she thinks she'll have room to take her in May. I can't wait to send her off to training and let her be someone else's problem get her real training going!


  1. That's so exciting! Almost time to grow up Miss Cinder!
    So naughty trying to roll in her tack. Jamp did that once... Someone stopped by to see my barn (they were building and wanted some ideas.) and I hopped off him, tied my reins, and left him outside in the ring. I'd done it before with no issue, but that day, he rolled. Naughty, but like... totally my fault.

  2. I've had so many horses flop on top of my saddle I'm surprised it has survived. And yay going off to baby boarding school!

  3. I wish you'd had ONE awkward giraffe photo to share though 😉