Thursday, February 6, 2020

Back in the Groove

Peebs has been at TCF for almost two weeks now and we've been getting back in the groove and feeling great. The one down side to TCF is that they only have an outdoor arena. But I'll take that outdoor any day over GS' indoor. GS had super dusty footing and I couldn't leave jumps set up. TCF has great sand that holds up to all the rain and I can set any jump/pole exercises I want. Peebs and I have already jumped more in the past two weeks than we did all of January.

I set up these poles on Saturday and have practiced over them three times now! No more setting something and only getting to school it once
Our local shows have finally started posting their schedules for this year and I'm tentatively making our show schedule. I'd really, really like to qualify for this years local medal finals so that's what we're working towards.  Medal finals are the end of August and to qualify to have to get 10 points or show and complete the course in 3 qualifying classes. So working backwards, I'm planning on 4 shows to get my 3 qualifiers. One in April (my birthday weekend), maybe one in May (dates are still tentative), one in June and one in July. There is a show the weekend before finals in August, but I really don't want to have to do the last chance qualifier. And I'd really have to up both Peebs and my fitness if we show back to back weekends.

You don't get these views riding inside
I'm excited to get back to showing, and having a goal to work towards. And Peebs is definitely happy to get back to jumping instead of boring flat work al the time!


  1. Sounds like a solid goal! And I'm glad your horses are at the same place again!