Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 Plans

I'm currently praying to the god of horses and horse shows so this doesn't get jinxed, but I've got PLANS for 2019.  My big goal this year is to qualify for and compete at the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association's Medal Finals in the Adult Mini Medal.

 In order to qualify you either have to get 10 points or have shown in 3 qualifying classes and have 6 points. I don't exactly get why they have the difference, other than entries have been down over the past couple of years in the Finals and they want more people to show. The Finals are held at a rated show so this will be Peebs' first rated show, and my first rated show in 10 years. Luckily it's held at the same venue we show at most in the summer so I'm not worried at all about Peebs settling in. Same arena, same jumps, more money!

Medal Finals are held the last weekend in August, usually Labor Day weekend. So working back, I've started to plan out our show season. There's usually a few shows end of April/early May that I've gone to that I won't be able to do this year because my parents and I are going to Tanzania for 12 days. I know planning a major family vacation like this shouldn't revolve around a show schedule, but that was the first thing I thought of when my mom gave me dates. Luckily some of the shows have moved their dates so I'm only missing one show instead of 2-3.

So, without further ado here's my tentative show schedule for 2019:

April 7: Lake Oswego Hunt Club Spring Show
May 18-19: Quiet Rein Show (This is a maybe. I get back from Tanzania April 30th and will only do this show if we're ready)
June 15-16: Team NW Bedrock I
July 6-7 or July 13-14: Team NW Bedrock II or III (The series we usually do in the summer added a fourth date to their list, but two shows are on back to back weekends.  I don't want to do two shows in a row, so we'll see which date works better for us and my trainer.)
August 10-11: Quiet Rein or
August 11: Lake Oswego Hunt Club (With two shows on the same weekend, I'm torn between which one to do.  LOHC is cheaper being a one day, but I like QR's facility better. And QR has derby classes! Will play it by ear. Also if we have the points we might not do either of these and save $$ and Peebs for medal finals.)
August 28-Sept 1: Team NW Northwest Spectacular and OHJA Medal Finals


  1. That’s a great goal and plan! Also I got super confused when I saw “Oswego” bc that’s a place up in north western New York and we competed against their equestrian team in college haha, and I was like “wait I thought she was on the west coast!” Guess there’s more than one Oswego lol

  2. Yay I am rooting for you and Peebs to qualify and do well!

  3. Sounds like a great plan! Can't wait to follow along!