Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Favorite Things of 2018

I'm going to jump on the bloghop bandwagon for a look back at 2018.  This year started off horribly, with the demise of my relationship with my former BO/best friend and leaving my barn of 11 years. But 2018 turned out better than I could have imagined. The move turned out to be a very good thing and I really like my new barn and BOs.

Favorite Show Picture

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We showed four times this year, and only got pictures from one show.  The show photographer at the other three didn't get any of me. I absolutely love this head shot of Peebs, and it's hanging up framed on my parent's dining room.

Favorite non-show picture

 I think this was our second/third ponying session and both ponies are DONE with me here. But I love it, and them.  Also, 0/10 don't recommend ponying with double reins. Between that and the lead rope I had so many things to hold on to.

Favorite thing you bought

I need to get better pics, but my favorite purchase this year was my custom LM boots.  I was worried about how they'd turn out with all the negative reviews, but they were perfect.  Out of the box they were a little tight and tall, but by the end of my first ride in them, they fit perfectly. I actually forgot I was wearing new boots till I took them off. Well worth the $$!

Favorite moment on horseback

My favorite thing this year was winning the series champion for our hunter division. I've never been a point chaser but once I realized we had a shot at the championship I decided to go for it and we won! Hopefully it won't be our last champion ribbon!

Favorite moment out of the saddle

Watching Team USA win the gold at WEG was amazing!

Favorite between the ears

 We went to the beach for my first beach ride back in January with my old barn mates before everything fell apart. To be honest, this doesn't feel like it happened this year, or even this life. Everything got so soured between us that I had kind of put it out of my mind.  But it's good to look back now and remember things were happy and fun.

Favorite horse that's not yours

This is supposed to be about a horse you've spent time with (groomed, worked, ridden etc) that's not yours.  Mine is my friend A's Scottie. I got to ride him once this year, and I helped A with him at a show this summer.  He and Peebs share a grandsire, but they're pretty different in terms of rides.  The two of them are BFFs.

Favorite funny pic

This video of Cinder's first time in hind boots just cracks me up!

Favorite fence jumped

Not necessarily this jump, but our first round at 2'6".  I hadn't shown that high in 4 years, since I sold Buddy. We still have many things to work on, but once I got over my nerves the height felt easy and I ended the round  with a huge grin!

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  1. These are so fun! You guys did end up having an amazing year once you got settled into the new barn!