Monday, January 7, 2019

2018 Year End Awards

The Oregon Hunter Jumper Association Year End Banquet was this past weekend. this year Peebs and I pulled off a third (or as they called it, second reserve champion) in the long stirrup hunters, and a fifth in the long stirrup equitation. My trainer and I went up for the banquet and to get my ribbons.

The night before the banquet, at 9:30pm an email was sent out and a post put on Facebook saying that the 4th-6th place ribbons weren't going to be available at the banquet and would be mailed out at a later date. But only if you replied to the email saying you wanted your ribbon. After a few angry replies to the FB post, and I'm sure a few angry emails, they said that the vendor had an issue and it wasn't OHJA's fault. I was bummed to not be getting my 5th place ribbon that night, but quickly replied that yes, I want my ribbon.

OHJA took out a section of a local sporthorse magazine and published all the year end placings.  It was pretty cool to see my name in the magazine.
The banquet itself was pretty fun. They have a silent auction and a live auction during the event and I managed to get a division's worth of entry fees ($75) for a show for only $50. Both my trainer and I missed seeing the sheet for $150 towards chiropractic fees for my chiropractor till after the auction ended.  It went for $60 and I totally would have paid more for it.

Trainer and I

The 1st-3rd place ribbons were very well done, and very big! I know I'm short, but it's as long as my torso. Getting one big ass ribbon kinda makes up for having to wait for my other one.


  1. That's an awesome ribbon! But still a bummer you couldn't pick up both of them :(

  2. Gorgeous ribbon! Glad you had fun :)

  3. That's a bummer they didn't have both ready. Someone definitely dropped the ball there! But the one you did get is beautiful! Love me some giant satin! Congratulations on a great year!

  4. Congrats! That's an awesome ribbon!