Monday, March 20, 2017

Worst Pony Mom

Peebs got his teeth done last week, a little over a year since he last had them done.  I knew I probably should have had them done sooner since he's missing a tooth and hadn't been done for a couple of years before I got him.  But the vet was coming out to do the barns spring shots and a few other dentals so I waited.

Our barn started using a new vet last summer, and while we all love our old vet, there were some things that were slipping.  He's always been super busy, but lately its almost impossible to get an appointment with him.  My BO had a gelding she sold last year that had a heart murmur and he couldn't hear it. He's in his late 70s and, while I don't think he's planning on retiring anytime soon, our barn figured it was time to look for someone new.  Luckily, everyone loves new vet; she takes the time to talk about issues and will text and email!

Say "ahhhhh"
New vet said that Peebs was way over due, and by her calculations, probably had never been done before I had old vet do him last year.  And old vet did a crappy job.  Poor Peebs had some big hooks.  Big enough to cut his tongue and cheek. NV said that could explain some our issues turning right; his teeth were so sharp it would prevent him from lowering his head and turning it. I knew he was needed them done, but not this badly.  And to add insult to injury, NV ran Peebs through some basic range of motion exercises for his neck and she felt that his neck and poll were out.  She suggested I call the chiropractor out for him. 

I felt like the absolute worst pony mom ever. Once the sedation wore off I stuffed Peebs full of treats, which he can now eat without hurting himself.  He's going to be on a six month schedule for his teeth, and we already have the next appointment scheduled. Sorry Peebers!


  1. Hopefully having his teeth done will help :)

  2. oh man, that's never a good feeling - but now it's done and he's hopefully feeling better and you've got a better knowledge of what's really going on in his mouth! glad the new vet had such good insights!

  3. Aww, I know that type of appointment can make you feel badly, but you didn't know. Now that you do, you will stay on top of these things! Hope Peebs is feeling great in no time!

  4. I always feel so stupid when I realize stuff like this. Moiya hadn't seen the chiro in 14+ months and when she finally got done she REALLY needed it. Trainer and I vowed to never let her go that long without an adjustment again

  5. I felt like a horrible owner last year when I had an actual dentist come out for the first time. I never even knew the vets had never bothered to pull Bobby's wolf teeth! Hopefully the float will help Peebs feel better!

  6. I hope he feels better with his newly smooth teeth!