Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 Q1 Goals Review and Q2 Goals

I think the goals I set for the first part of the year were good, but we didn't get everything.  Oh well, they'll stay on our goal list and hopefully I can figure out a plan of attack.

The Peebs:

  • Continue canter work, especially to the right  We do work on counter canter, maybe once a week or so.  Peebs hates it with a fiery passion
  • Flying changes  Didn't happen, except that one time he offered one in front on his own then freaked out about crossfiring and panicked.
  • More lateral work   Lots of leg yielding, SI, and started on HI
  • Figure out how to stop rushing the fence going right up the long side of the ring.  HAHAHA nope!
  • Stay happy, healthy, sane, and sound  Check!
  • More work cantering fences without feeling like I'm going to die  I give this one a 50%.  To the left I'm completely fine.  Somedays we can't even canter to the right without loosing it, let alone canter a fence to the right.
  • Work on relaxing my hands and elbows  Again, a 50%.  I need to be more aware of my outside rein, but I'd say I'm not locking my elbows as much.
  • More no stirrup work  I did some, but not enough that I consider the goal checked off
For Q2 here are our goals:

  • Right lead canter.  It'd be nice to not go running up the long side counter bent with his head in the air.
  • If above goes well, start cantering fences to the right.
  • Keep working on counter canter.  Be able to pick up the right lead tracking left.
  • More lateral work
  • Stay happy, healthy, sane, and sound
  • Awareness of my outside rein...don't forget about it!
  • More ground pole work so I can work on my eye and seeing a distance.
  • More no stirrup work

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