Thursday, March 30, 2017

Peebs and His Kid

While Peebs is very much a momma's boy, he definitely has a second favorite person.  One of the boarders has an almost two year old son, R, who loves Peebs and much as Peebs loves him. 

Last summer when it all began
 R's family moved into the barn about a year and a half ago, but obviously he wasn't out around the horses for a while. Last summer when he started hanging out at the barn more Peebs seemed very interested in the mini human. Over time whenever R is out, Peebs seems to watch him and beg for kisses and hugs.

R loves to either kiss or hug Peebs' head, and Peebs is perfectly fine with it. One time when R was having a melt down Peebs kept trying to nuzzle him but R wasn't having it. Peebs turned to me as if he was upset he couldn't calm him down.

R used to call every horse Bobby, after his mom's horse, but a couple months ago he started saying Peebs.  Now every horse is a Bobby or Peebs. They were watching a documentary about draft horses a few nights ago and R kept yelling out Peebs. I'm hoping that later this summer we can do some pony rides with the two of them, and maybe eventually some lead line classes! 


  1. My dog Rocky LOVES little kids. It's so sweet <3

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