Monday, August 29, 2016

Going Back to Cali

I made a quick trip down to San Diego last weekend and was able to meet the wonderful L from Viva Carlos. She emailed me after I posted that I was going down and luckily we were able to coordinate schedules.  We talked ponies, her move, and the SD horse scene.
We did stop to in to watch the county show going on at Showpark, just not the same day as L

I grew up in a suburb of SD and while I haven't lived there for 12 years I do keep in contact with my former trainer and barn friends from down there. I gave her the names of a couple people to watch out for, as well as a bit of the run down on the local county circuit. Which is probably more competitive and with just as nice of horses as the rated circuit as up here in Oregon. I usually go down to SD couple times a year so hopefully we can meet up again!!

We also hit up the Cat Cafe in SD.