Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lesson 1 of 2

I wasn't really thinking earlier this week when I scheduled a jumping lesson with my trainer on Tia for this morning that I was riding in a dressage lesson with McKenna this afternoon.  But once I realized I figured, what the hell, it'd be good for me and I really don't need to be able to walk tomorrow. Unfortunately when I had our dressage instructor/chiro check McKenna before the lesson she declared the mare very out in her back and poll so I didn't ride her and she got an adjustment instead.  My BO, who owns Tia, said she'd pay for part of my lesson if I wanted to use Tia.  So I did. But that's a post for tomorrow.
Tia's opinion about having to go twice in one day

My jump lesson in the morning started with a stiff Tia, but after a good long and loose trot warm up she felt pretty good and was raring to go.  It was bright and sunny, but windy and only around 40* so it felt pretty cold. We started by attempting to trot a crossrail but the big mare kept trying to canter it. I had to really focus on keeping my posting rhythm the same and not giving my hand away to keep her with me. 

The jump then went up to a 2'ish vertical that we cantered.  My job was to have a good pace and impulsion coming in, bend and balance in the corner, then let her go and support her to the fence.  It was a bit rough at first, my micromanagement tendencies were in full force, but we had a couple pretty nice fences.  Changed directions and did the same thing to the right and had a bit more of struggle since Tia tends to overbend going right and I had to work a bit harder.  But once we got it it felt really nice. 
Throwback to summer 2013 when Tia and I were jumping big sticks

We finished by putting a small 2' course together, just an outside line, diagonal, single outside, other diagonal but considering it's the most both Tia and I have jumped since last summer it was pretty exciting.  We accidentally added in the line, but it was a well done add and my trainer was fine with it since both of us are rusty. Tia did get a bit strong going downhill to one of the diagonals and I had to hold her a bit, which pissed her off, but oh well mare. When we went back to fix it she got over herself and it flowed really well.  I was super happy even though we were jumping tiny that I could go out and put together a fairly nice round after so much time off.  And I talked with my BO and trainer and hopefully I can take her to a show next month.


  1. Sounds like a great lesson over the sticks. Pity about Mckenna missing out on the dressage lesson but glad she got an adjustment & can keep going from strength to strength.
    Looking forward to reading about Tia's flat lesson ☺

  2. fun lesson - nice that everything flowed well despite not having done it in a while!! good luck with getting to the show :)

    also - bummer about McKenna being too 'out' to ride - but hopefully the adjustments will make a material difference in her canter + forward issues!!

  3. Glad you got to cruise around and jump sticks [even if they are tiny sticks] :-)