Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day in the Life of This Ammy

I'm joining Tracy's blog hop on the day in the life.  When I'm not a slave to my ponies, I'm a lab tech for a major university in the biomedical research labs. So here's a peek into my how my days usually go:

5:50 am: Alarm goes off.  Grab phone and start checking social media

5:53 am: Cat jumps on me and yowls for breakfast
I know you're awake
6:25am: Check weather report and grab random clothes that will hopefully work with whatever Mother Nature's planning.

6:45am: Meet coworker to car pool into work.  Chat about work/life/bad drivers/how much we need coffee.

7:30 am: Yay! Made it to work before the boss.  Change from random clothes into scrubs.

8:10 am:  Chat with my favorite post-doc researcher about whatever piece of equipment isn't working/whatever lab inspection is coming up/what grad students are not following protocol

8:15am:  Rember that I'm supposed to collect tissue samples from some lab mice by 9am and start running around like mad
Who's a cute little mouse...you are!

8:37 am:  Where the f**k are these freaking lymph nodes?!

9:03 am: Speciems bagged and tagged. Thank God the pick up guy is late.

10:45 am:  Chat with my manager about whatever piece of equipment isn't working/whatever lab inspection is coming up/which grad student is not following protocol/what special project she wants me to start

11:30 am: Lunch! I can finally sit down and play on my phone.

12:20 pm: So much paperwork and reports.  And I better start praying to the printer Gods that I can get everything printed and filed.

1:20 pm: Find coworkers and figure out what still needs to get done then do it

2:30 pm: Dress out and quickly walk past the glass fronted offices before the management can see and ask us to do "just one more little thing" before leaving

3:35 pm: Briefly pet the cats at home, change into barn clothes, grab a snack and back out the door.

3:45 pm: At the barn giving kisses to the ponies!

4:10 pm: Indoor arena is open so out goes McKenna for some play time while I clean her stall.

4:25pm:  Little lunge before our ride, praying the mare gets her crazy out before I get on

5:10pm: End of ride cool down and pats for ponies

5:25pm: Dinner feeding and getting McKenna's breakfast prepped so the morning feeder just has to dump her feed bucket into her stall.

5:35pm: Mare is tucked into her stall with a big pile of hay and a warm blanket

5:45pm: Staring into the fridge trying to figure out what I want for dinner

6:15pm: Mindless internet surfing and tv watching

8pm: Yay, now I can go to bed like the old person I am.  But I'll just read a little bit before falling asleep

10:15pm: Crap I should really go to sleep.


  1. You get off at 2:30? That is awesome!!!

    1. I'm on a flex schedule at work, so I can somewhat set my own hours. My goal is to be done and out by 2:30, but sometimes I'll have to stay later. It's really nice!

  2. I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't get up super early. So interesting! Thanks for playing :)

  3. yea that cat's expression up top looks realllllly familiar lol - as in i see something very similar every morning haha

  4. That's usually the same end to my night! Must. go. to. sleep!

  5. Found your blog through this awesome blog hop. Your girl is a beauty & I too am jealous of your 2.30 end to your working day...but not jealous of your early start. #sorrynotsorry