Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Q1 Goals

I'm going to try to stick with our quarterly goals this year. I have some longer yearly goals which I'll post as well but a lot of my long term goals are all dependant on how McKenna does/grows up. 

For McKenna:
  • work at least 4x/week.  Have one lunge in vienna reins day and one "jump" (poles, cross rails, etc) day a week.
  • Continue working on our canter. 
  • Get her out and go places!  I haven't taken her anywhere in the year that I've had her and I want to start exposing her to new places before hitting our first show. 
For Phoenix:
  • Stay a happy, somewhat sound, old man. 
My year long goal for McKenna would be to start doing course work, canter fences, and attend our first show.  While not super ambitious, and right now I'd be happy showing in the cross rails I think these are relatively attainable.


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  2. love the goals! i'm very much a member of the 'attainable and realistic goals' club too. good luck getting it all done and getting the mare out and about !!!