Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bad Blogger Strikes Again

Last week was pretty much a bust on the riding and blogging front.  The arena was busy every day in the afternoon when I went out to the barn, making it hard to lunge and then ride the horse.  And after a couple days off, there is no way in hell I'm getting on the mare without lunging her first.  The only day the arena was free when I was out was Friday, but I had a work banquet an hour and a half away that I had to run off to.
So McKenna got to do her best black stallion impression
But when I got back home Saturday I had an Etsy order from The Preppy Polos to make everything ok.  After a nap (too much indulgence at/after the banquet) I set out to the barn to lunge McKenna in her new polos. 
Every diva needs blue and red polka dot polos
Sunday I went out to check on Phoenix, and being the bad blogger I am, I again spaced on taking pics.  I blame it  on chatting with PO and her husband as well as trying to give Phoenix all the love.  He was more interested in his breakfast. He seems happy and health, and other than whacking his eye playing with his new neighbor, PO said he settled in just fine.
PO's driveway.  It was super foggy and felt like an enchanted forest.


  1. ooh that driveway is very pretty! glad Phoenix is doing well too, and Ms McKenna looks fab in her polos :)

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