Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Goals

Hahahahaha.  When I started 2014 I had the plan to do quarterly goals.  That obviously fell by the wayside as I took my blogging break.  These were my goals from the first quarter of the year:


Work back to the 2'9"-3' and maybe show at that height.  Done!

  • Done, but not in the first quarter.  We showed in the 2'9"-3' jumpers in May and managed to eek out a 6th place year end award in the Low AA jumpers.  Ironically, getting a year end award wasn't on my yearly goal list because I knew I would be selling Buddy.

Work on his manners. Meh.
  • Once I started riding him more regularly than his lease girls, that got better.  Not perfect, but ok.
My big goal for him for the year was to sell him to the perfect home, which happened and for more $$$ than I was asking! I follow his lease girl on Instagram and she's got some adorably cute pics of them that make me tear up.


Work her (lunge or ride) at least 5 days/week. Kinda

  • Didn't happen till this summer, after I sold Bud and she became my primary pony.  And once it started getting cold this fall/winter I wussed out.  But it's on the list for next year!

Refine our canter transitions and develop a balanced canter. In progress!
  • We had some of the best transitions and nicest canter yet in our lesson on Sunday, so there's hope!
Continue working over little jumps and cavaletti.  Free jump her again with more height/spread to see how she does Done!

Keep him as sound as possible and to continue to pack Anna around. Major Fail
  • Obviously it wasn't anything I could control, but the old man had to be retired in April/May.  He came up lamer than his normal, and after injecting to see if it would help his side bone my vet flat out told me it was time for him to be done. And a bout of cellulitis in September didn't help anything either. But he was running around in turnout a few days ago like a crazy pony (actually out ran and played McKenna) so at least he still feels young at heart!


  1. Love the pic - I need to remember that! Congrats on what sounds like a pretty good year :)

  2. seems like you were able to check off quite a few things despite some unexpected events - congrats!! wishing you all the best in 2015!