Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sunshine Award

Thanks to She Moved to Texas for the Sunshine Award!! The Sunshine Award is for people who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” The nominee must do the following: thank the person who nominated her, nominate ten bloggers of her own, answer the ten questions given to her, and post them and the Sunshine Award button to her blog.

The Questions: 
  1. Mares or Geldings? Usually geldings.  The only mare I've ever worked a lot with is Zoe, and while I like to ride her, on the ground she leaves something to be desired.  I've told McKenna that she's not allowed to be a "mareish" mare, so we'll see how that goes!
  2. English or Western? English. I do like Western, especially since Buddy's been able to teach me how to play with cows, but I'll always be a hunter/jumper at heart. 
  3. Do you prefer “younger” or “older” horses? Historically I've done better with older horses.  The horse I leased in high school was 18, and I bought Buddy when he was 15 and he's peaking at 17 right now.  McKenna's the youngest horse I've had or worked with.
  4. Have you trained a horse from ground zero? Not from completely green. When I got Phoenix he hadn't been ridden much in 4 years, and while he had training on him, we had to start from almost scratch.  Zoe was the first horse I worked with that had never jumped before, but she was a broke western horse. 
  5. Do you prefer riding or groundwork? Riding. I do like groundwork and lunging.  I'm also one of those people who can feel a horses' lameness better in the saddle than see it on the ground.  
  6. Do you board your horse or keep it at home? Board.  One day I'd love to have my own place.
  7. Do you do all natural things or just commercial stuff?(in sense of products) Whatever works. The boys are on herbal supplements that I think work just as well as more traditional supplements.
  8. All tacked up or bareback? Depends on the horse.  Phoenix-saddle, Buddy-bareback.
  9. Equestrian role model? Beezie.  She always seems so classy and professional.
  10. What’s your one, main goal, while being in the horses world? I really want to move up to the 3' classes.  I'd love to show more in the rated shows, but that takes $$$. 

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