Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Many Little Kisses

We didn't get McKenna's papers but was given her registered name and all other relevant info. She was born February 14, 2008...Valentine's Day! Her registered name is adorable and fitting, Many Little Kisses. This is one of the few registered names that I like. And since she has a cute little nose with a snip of white she'll be getting many little kisses.
I had our first ride on her last night. I took her out right when dinner was being fed so she was a bit wiggly in the cross ties. She also is a little mouthy and turned her head to nibble on my shirt when I picked her front feet. 

She didn't want to stand still for me to get on, and we had a little discussion about it. She eventually stopped moving and I was able to get on. She felt a little revved up, but after a few minutes of easy walk she started to relax. There was a lot going on as we rode (feeding, stall cleaning, people riding outside) and she was looking and paying attention to it but never spooked or did anything naughty. 

I asked for the trot and we went about 3 steps before she quit. Tried again and same thing. Lazy baby!! After some leg thumping I was able to keep her going. She's a little inconsistent in her trot but started to relax and give to the bit. When she really gets the concept she's going to be so nice! We didn't do too much but Anna managed to take a couple pics. 


  1. Cute name! She deserves many little kisses! :)

  2. McKenna is such a cutie! Her registered name is so cute! I'm not a huge fan of my guy's registered name, especially since it's so Western pleasure-y (Ima Loping Dimension). I'm considering just making up a new show name for everything non-AQHA.