Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby Brain

While McKenna's one if the quietest 5yr olds I've seen, she is defienetly a baby. Every new thing she sees has to go in her mouth. When she walks up to something or someone, she'll nibble and lick. She doesn't bite, but I've decided to not hand feed her treats to discourage that behavior. 

She's remarkably  calm about new things on the ground. We walked around the ring while another horse was getting lunged and was being crazy. She barley batted an eye. We also rode during one of the little kid lessons and she was fine with other horses moving around her, no race horse flashbacks. 

We're still only walk trotting, and will be for a while. She's too inconsistent in the trot for me to feel ready to canter her. She's pretty well balanced right vs left, especially since she raced 20 times! I've been lunging her in very loose side reins and she'll be getting a martingale on soon since she likes to go around with her head in my lap. 
McKenna got to meet Phoenix in turn out. He followed her around like a love sick puppy. 


  1. She's such a cute thing. Glad she is doing fine. By the way, I like your new template. It looks neat!