Sunday, July 14, 2013

Time Off All Around

After my marathon 12 days at work, I'm off for 9 days!  I will be helping out at the 4H fair Mon-Wed but sleeping in yesterday and today was glorious!  Add in lots of pony time and I'm already feeling back to normal.

I managed to make my lesson on Thursday.  Buddy has had basically a week and half off with just a couple quick rides after our last show.  He felt lazy warming up, but was great when we started jumping.  We've moved the jumps out to the grass field and it's so nice to have so much space to ride in.  There's a couple slick spots, even with studs, but we didn't push it or try to take any crazy tight turns.  The few little issues we had were minor and easily fixed; like closing my hip angle to encourage him down the line, or committing to a straight line when taking another fence on an angle.

Bud will probably get some easy rides this week, depending on what the fair schedule is like. I am going to take a lesson on Friday, probably on one of the school horses who I can jump up a bit.  Jen suggested riding her since she's so push button and I can focus on me over the big 3'+ fences and not worry.  The only catch is that the mare lost the pads on her shoes but the farrier is supposed to come on Wednesday to fix that.

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