Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Compliment of Sorts

Not much has been going on since the show.  It's been super hot, I've been working tons, and Buddy needs some time off.  We did go for a mini trail ride today with my barn owners and one of their friends to check the black berry bushes at the far end of the field.  They're not ready yet.

A few months back at the Arbor Grove show a former coworker of my BO's was there and saw the farm truck that I had hauled with. She rides with one of the bigger "A" circuit barns in the area and was the former owner of one of the lesson horses at our barn.  She talked with a couple of the girls from our barn for a bit but didn't talk to me.  I guess their barn is looking for intermediate lesson horses and she and the trainer saw Buddy and liked him.  She emailed my BO and asked about him, if he would be available for a lease as a lesson horse for them.  Obviously the answer is no, but I think it's kinda cool that they liked him.  They have a bit of a snobby reputation and I'm taking it as compliment that they want him. 

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